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Take your Life Experience to a Whole New Level of Joy, Empowerment and Love.

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Experience the Joybug Programs

The Joybug System is a cutting edge, personal and interactive, email subscription that combines visual and written inspiration with an Immediate Response Mindfulness (IRM) and joy-inspiring 1 – 2 minute audio selection specifically targeted to your current joy rating. The system improves your current state of joy and well-being ultimately aligning you with your highest and most joyful and loving state. CHOOSE JOY NOW. Consider the alternative!
  • Joy Inspiration

    From: $9.95 / month
  • Joybug Fitness Journey Support

    From: $9.95 / month
  • Joybug Health & Stress Reduction

    From: $9.95 / month
  • Joybug Weight Release Journey

    From: $9.95 / month